Today, a group called the NY Cannabis Alliance posted a picture on Facebook of the new Tax and Regulate bill for New York State to legalize Marijuana.

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NY Tax and Regulate.

This picture swiped from Facebook, posted by NY Cannabis Alliance.

Their caption read “This is a draft of what will soon be the New York Marijuana Regulation and Taxation Act! What do you think should be included in NY legalization regulations?”

Because we have been discussing this issue for quite some time with several Representatives, I posted the comment below in which I outline most of the Cannabis Commerce Act we have been working on submitting for legalization and taxation also. There is no reason to have more law than we already have, and NY can hardly afford another regulatory agency, or to continue to enforce prohibition in any way. What we really need is income and reduced expenditures. So here is the comment I left.

Kevin Jones – “Regulate cannabis like any other plant, by the industry within which it is sold. Smoked Cannabis should be regulated similar to cloves in the tobacco market. THC should not be taxed by content, so treat it similar to nicotine in that respect. Hemp should not be regulated any more than any other plant sold in any other market, from fiber to food, etc. Tax only by the sellers intended use. The plant should be completely unregulated because it is a plant. We have laws for all of this and repeal is the best way to facilitate the least expensive revenue source it should be. NO NEW INDUSTRY, NO NEW REGULATORY STRUCTURE, NO NEW REGULATORY AGENCY. We need to make money and impress those with fear that children will remain protected. There is only one “Addiction” model that this state and nation has reduced in the last 30 years through tax, regulation and education and that is Tobacco. We do not need a Marijuana or Cannabis Tax, We need to allow cannabis to enter commerce in every avenue it can be useful and productive. Legalizing the plant does not legalize providing it to children. We have laws that can be used for that even if we repeal cannabis, marijuana, marihuana, THC, and all other pertinent words from NY State laws. Let’s save and make money rather than spend and spend money to basically focus on a single intended use (human consumption for physical effect) and fears of that and in turn restricting all other revenues that could easily be had through repeal.
If it grows in my yard and somebody steals it, that is a crime that we have laws for. We have laws about contributing to the delinquency of a minor too. We have laws to deal with all the fears. Let’s not over-regulate into a new law that grants permission to some under some circumstances, but regulate how the government spends money to prosecute crimes. Delete all reference to this plant from NY State Laws, And go from there. It won’t even need to be added back into anywhere because it fits so well into so many industries and markets, unless we make laws that interfere.

We have laws for impaired driving also. So how one is impaired should not be an issue. Driving tired is as much an impairment as texting or driving at .08 alcohol. We already have laws for all of this.
Please, let’s be the smartest state in the nation and make and save millions without spending anything more than what it takes to pass the law of repeal.
Call it the Cannabis Commerce Act. That is what I am describing, and I can be reached at any time with any questions.”

Please contact your representative today, and continuously, telling them to support the Cannabis Commerce Act, until we achieve this significant and important change to NY State laws and practices.

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